Get Right With God – Soul Stirrers

Good morning friends, are we all feelin’ a little unsteady today? I know me and Randy ain’t on our best form. Are you, like us, in need of a little somethin’ easy on the ear, soothing to the mind? Worry not brethren, here’s a guy with one of the soothingest, sweetest voices that ever did sing. Son of a baptist minister, Sam Cooke come up singing in church and joined The Soul Stirrers in 1950. He sang with ’em for seven years before leaving to do that ‘secular’ music. A controversial move that many other great soul singers would later make as well. You’ll know those songs, odd how few people know his gospel stuff. You probably also know he died young and in suspicious circumstances – apparently shot dead while near naked by a motel receptionist. Etta James claims having seen his body that he had injuries far, far greater than the official single gunshot and broom handle over the head would account and suspicions about what really happened abound. We’ll probably never know, but too much conspiracy thinkin’ ain’t healthy for yer, not this morning anyways. Here’s a couple of tunes, sit back and let it wash gently over you. Man what a voice! Hell, let’s have three.

How Far Am I From Canaan?

One More River

Jesus Wash Away My Troubles

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 20, 2011.

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