Too Black, Too Strong

You might been thinkin’ on why I ain’t been around here last week, I think maybe I just had too much of a good thing there. My gut was hurtin’ me and my eyeballs was a shakin’ in my head. From what Amber here tells my sorry face I was talking real fast in a voice not of my own, like as I was possessed or something of that kind. Talking a whole lot of nonsense about God knows what all, she had to sit me down in my booth and tell me to hush up my dumb ass. I tell you, it was the darndest thing. I been a little shy of drinkin’ coffee since then, took a little break. For lent. OK, not all of lent what am I Jesus or something? I’m taking it gentle now. They got this half  ‘n’ half coffee chocolate stuff – it’s pretty good. A bit milky mind, it’s kinda like drinkin’ a cake – so you can’t have too many, no refills neither. Let’s just be straight, I think Amber was tryna slip me the decaff and I ain’t standin’ for that no how, no way. I mean, what kinda crap is that? We had kinda a little fallin’ out there, I had to move over to the counter. Man, talking ain’t nothin’ but trouble sometimes you know? Best to keep yer damn mouth shut, but it’ll be fine I’m sure. They ain’t refused to serve me yet. Weather’s gettin better too so I can spend more time pickin’ stuff up off the ground that I find ‘stead of sitting drinking coffee all day ’til it makes me half crazy. I used to work with a guy said you had to put sugar in your coffee to kill the poison. I’m about startin’ to think he mighta been onto somethin’. Hell, listen to me banging on. I gotta watch that. Here then is a tune for y’all. Abouts drinkin’ too much coffee. From a pretty unknown dude on the mighty Chess records. Oh yeah, it’s good stuff. I’ll see ya.

Danny Overbear – 40 cups of coffee



~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 30, 2011.

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