Get Right With God – Death Is Only A Dream

So friends, I’d like to welcome you all this morning, I hope that you’re feeling good. We’ve had some gospel soul and some soul gospel type things here in recent weeks but today it’s time for a little mountain music again brothers an sisters. The Stanley Brothers from Clinch Mountain, Virginia and you know that’s mountain music done proper. Theys best known these days by way of the movie ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’ in which their ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ and ‘Angel Band’ featured alongside a tune by surviving brother Ralph (still working apparently, carter died way back in the 60’s) and all manner of other good things. If’n you ain’t heard that then you just plain ain’t been paying no attention. Anyways now, The Stanley brothers are just about as big in bluegrass as it gets and they always recorded a mix of sacred and secular material. Their music is a pretty long way Mavis Staples’ last week but still it’s the sound of the human voice that really carries it home. The brothers’ wonderful harmonies are just a beautiful thing to listen to. Here today are three of their many songs considerin’ that kinda strange joy in at long last laying yer weary burden down and going on home to your reward that only a firm belief in heaven could offer.

Death Is Only A Dream

The Angels Are Singing ( In Heaven Tonight)

Have You Someone (In Heaven Awaiting)

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 3, 2011.

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