Black Coffee Is My Name

Well, I knew I couldn’t stay away all that long. I just loves me some deep black coffee. It’s a wonderful thing. I even read in the paper the other day as how it focusses the mind and lends to the best kind of philosophising and what have you. Yes indeed. I’m not right sure what that means, but it probably ain’t me an Randy sitting about talking whole loadsa foolishness about whether you could teach a monkey to drive or which is more orange? – oranges or carrots. I done stopped with the sugar too, that stuff ain’t healthy for yer. Hot sauce is still the way to go friends. So I’s back in the waffle house again the other day and our philosophisin’ booth was busy, damn! Now don’t you all be getting the idea I spend my life down there, even I got more pride than that. But I like my booth, I likes to stare out the window there and I likes my coffee and waffles. Ain’t nothin wrong in that. So, I’m at the counter again. Amber calls me ‘Black Coffee’ and this is a good thing. She calls some her customers by their regular orders, she calls this one guy ‘Short-stack’ so I ain’t sure as it’s always a sign of affection, you know? but today it means I’m forgiven. Turns out the dyed-red-head-looks-like-a-sad-eyed-stripper sat in my booth is some kinda friend of hers or something. So I reckons I’ll take my coffee with forgiveness and hush up my stupid mouth for a while.

Black Coffee – Peggy Lee

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Black Coffee Is My Name”

  1. “Black Coffee” was one of the first 10″ LPs that I bought back in the 50’s on the British Brunswick label. All 8 tracks are gems. Good to see it remembered here. I still hve my copy in very nice condition though it’d currently in storage back in the U.K.

    • Wow. I have a few nice old bits of Peggy vinyl but nothin like that. I think she’s really overlooked, seen a little unfairly as a lounge singer and she’s so much better than that generally implies. I loves Miss Lee. Great, great tune.

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