Hayes Carll – acousticky session

Well, just a quick thing here friends. Y’all are aware, I think, of how we here at the old record club like mister Carll’s new-ish album KMAG YOYO and his work in general. It seem he just recently dropped by to do a session for the very good folks over at Daytrotter and, well, here it is for your convenience and entertainment. They play four tunes off that new record only it’s an acoustic 3 piece band here so the vibe is different to the record, tumbling by a lot more gently on Stomp and Holler and KMAG YOYO, enjoy!


Grand Parade

Stomp and Holler


Hide Me

Now, it’s 128kbps and free to download off the site,  as are hunnerds of others, some of them you can even pay a small amount to get in a lossless form. Although I ain’t sure that means you can’t lose it, Shame. What’s more they got a pony for a logo! Everyone loves ponies right? So, you all should get over there and get involved. You just have to sign up and maybe update yer com-puter there, it really ain’t no hassle – click on the pony….

seriously, they got all sorts of good stuff  –  Caitlin Rose, Iron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, Frontier Ruckus aand what I guess may even be the last ever recordings by the late Charlie Louvin, rest his soul. yessir.

Now, if I can just get around to writing that Ernie K-Doe thing for y’all….

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 21, 2011.

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