So, after’n that Bobby Marchan post about exhausted me I don’t know how I’m a come to the self proclaimed ‘Emperor of The Universe’ hisself Mr Ernie K-Doe and make any sense for you. Y’all find me here bein’ torn between bein’ a man of my word and a man o’ leisure, somehow I think pictures might do a little more talkin’ than words here. Ernie was what you might call a character. A Charity hospital baby as he never tired of announcing, alongside other favourite imperial proclamations like “Burn! K-Doe! Burn!” and ‘”I’m cocky, but I’m Good!”. If a person was to be unkind I might say his self belief far outrun his fame or abilities, but it just don’t do to be mean about K-Doe. You gots to love this guy. Outside New Orleans he’s kinda forgotten and overlooked, only a handful of the same numbers turnin’ up on compilations here and there. He’s best known for ‘Here Come The Girls’ these days after it turned up on an advert and then a pretty garish version by some girl group. Now Ol’ Randy has put a tune on his staggerry cast there and spurred me on a little from my considered repose.

K-Doe arrives at the Treme Festival

The tune I put on the recent Gumbo Mix was just about the last thing K-Doe released, while the one on Stagger cast #20 and the stuff we gots for you today are all from the early work with Allen Toussaint that made his name, such as it was. All of them are great and only one of them among his better known tunes, Te Ta Te Ta Ta.The idea of Toussaint working with K-Doe is pretty funny to me, Toussaint the quiet ocean of calm and manners, K-Doe screamin’ like a wild animal. It’d make a good odd couple double act. Anyways, K-Doe started out on Specialty Records alongside Lloyd Price and Little Richard (who woulda worked the Dew Drop with Bobby Marchan ahead o’ this). His career didn’t go quite the way either of theirs did and a ways down the road he opened up the Mother in Law Lounge named after his biggest hit.

Mother In Law Lounge

A local bar in the spirit of the man and decorated inside and out with images of K-Doe. At the time of his death he was hoping to put together a new album and recorded some stuff with The Blue Eyed Soul band and the mighty Mr Quintron at The Mother In Law Lounge. You can read some interestin’ stuff about that and more over at his official site. After K-Doe passed (in 2001) his second wife Miss Antoinette kept the place running as kind of a shrine to the man. She even had a life sized dummy of K-Doe what she dressed in his clothes and used to take around town with her. You know Ernie would just of loved that. Better still she lived to see it battered by Katrina and then suggested K-Doe, dead five years or so at this point, run for mayor.

After Miss Antoinette herself passed on, on Mardi Gras day no less, I understand all the memorabilia and stuff from the inside got taken out. Still, the last I heard local trumpet playing hero, king of the barbeque and now Treme star Kermit Ruffins was taking the place on, keeping it as a live music venue and definitely keeping all the murals on the outside of it there.

Waiting At The Station


Te Ta Te Ta Ta

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “BURN! K-DOE! BURN!”

  1. […] an outfit made for him by miss Antoinette K-Doe. She also done made two matching ones that she and Ernie wore to the funeral! you know you love that […]

  2. […] Photo from K-Doe story Randy and Earl’s Old Record Club. […]

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