I’ll Teach You How To Sing

singing adams

An another thing, Randy’s new mix also has a Singing Adams tune on there – now these guys are great and you should all go buy their new record which is called Everybody Friends Now. Yes you should. That much is clear to me, otherwise there’s a bunch of threads all tangled up in this post and now let me jus’ see if I can go anyways to unwind them for yer here.

First up, a year or two back one of me and Randy’s favourite bands of recent years, The Broken Family Band, decided they was calling it a day. We was sad and s’posed to go to their last show too, but through a serious of comedy idiocies failed to make it. Damn shame, they never reached as many people as they should’ve. Still, it seemed lead singer/songwriter Adams was gonna revive this thing called The Singing Adams which he’d done a kinda solo record as while the Broken Family Band was still going. Stick with me here. Adams is the guy in the photo whose beard matches the weird tree thing behind them. I can’t truthfully say which come first.

Anyways, since then I thought about putting up a tune from ‘Problems’ (probably ‘Starsign’ if you wanna know) and recommending you check it out. Soon it become clear the new band was to be called Singing Adams, that it was altogether different from The Singing Adams and that they’d chosen to illuminate that for us all by using the same name. No, me either. Seemed as I could only add further confusement by drawing attention to ‘Problems’ but I started to feel a lil’ sorry for it as a forgotten and lost bunch of songs.

So, they recently finished their first full length tour in support of the new record and both me an Randy caught ’em at different times. They’re great live, not  ‘Adams plus three new musicians’ at all, they gots personality to spare and what I hear musicians call ‘chops’. All of ’em veterans of bands who saw even less for their efforts than The Broken Family Band. I saw the final show of the tour myself, at which Adams claimed “We went on tour as the Field Mice and now we’re Whitesnake”. It ain’t quite that scary friends but they rock quite a bit harder live than on the record. They finished up the set with ‘St Thomas’ off ‘Problems’ which they now give a wonderful drawn out and loud ending to. After that, Adams wandered out into the crowd with his guitar singing ‘Passing Through’. It was great, a real nice end to the show. So, leaving on a high I was sure I’d write something here for y’all but mostly I been sat out in the sun drinkin’ instead.  I’ll let you know about that. So, Randy’s inclusion of ’em on his mix spurred me a little but the real reason I got around to it is I had a dream about singing ‘Passing Through’ in a crowd of people for some reason and it kinda seemed a sign. Or something. So here’s ‘St. Thomas’ and Leonard Cohen doing ‘Passing Through’. Everbody loves Leonard right? And as a lil’ guilty lagniappe a favourite off the new record too.

The Singing Adams – St. Thomas

Singing Adams -Injured Party

Leonard Cohen – Passing Through (live)

As for Everybody Friends Now, I’ve noticed that attempts to write about the record have often gone awry, often on the need to read stuff into the title or some of the lyrics, ‘Old Days’ in particular, so maybe I’ll just go easy here. If you liked the Broken Family Band I don’t see how you could not love this. It is different but the heart of it is still Adams’ songs which are great as ever, best for a while for me, a new lease of life and while the band and the sound are different it’s not a giant step musically, they ain’t gone death metal or drum & bass or nothing crazy. Not yet anyways.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 3, 2011.

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