Everybody Loves Leonard

Well they do, don’t they? If they’re into this whole lissenin’ to music and caring about it and stuff, like we do here. Far as I can see people who don’t, ‘specially those who say he’s depressin’ are people who just ain’t listnin’ or are just plain stupid.

Speaking of which, I’m sorry about the picture there, I feel a little bad about it but Randy has been on something of a ‘Raymond’ jag recently and tryna tell me how it’s funny and stuff. Mostly ‘cos he likes Peter Boyle being grouchy I guess. I just plain can’t see it. It’s insultingly stupid. Which would be fine if it was funny, but it ain’t. Speaking of which here’s a list of 5 reasons you might watch it, it ain’t too funny either but it has a ring of certain truth about it, so it wins for that. Only time Ray Romano was funny was on Dr. Katz. Maybe.

Anyways, having put up ol’ Len doin’ someone else’s song the other day, here’s some people doin’ his. Yessir! here’s 5 reasons you might love Leonard. See what I done there? Following on smooth as you like the from the other post Adams’ old band romp through ‘Diamonds in The Mine’ for the BBC. Sticking with the family theme The Handsome Family give a pretty faithful, lovely version of Famous Blue Raincoat and then we’re on to the big boys. You’ll be aware that John Cale’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ is the best one yet recorded, but here it is just in case. Meantime ‘Memories’ was apparently written by Cohen while Phil Spector held a gun to his head. Not a situation you’d want to be in if you could help it. Still, I love this version which has the late, great David McComb on vocals and Warren Ellis on fiddle among other things to recommend it to you. Lastly, just to prove my point about Len not being sad, no sir, here’s Thalia dancing us to the end of love. That might not be for everybody, but for me? oh that’s just wonderful…

The Broken Family Band – Diamonds in the Mine (one music 07/Apr/ 2005)

The Handsome Family – Famous Blue Raincoat

John Cale – Hallelujah

The Black Eyed Susans – Memories

Thalia Zedek – Dance Me to The End Of Love

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 5, 2011.

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