Hey! Melonhead!

Well friends, I ain’t really been out for coffee this week, with the good weather an all I been out wanderin’ about takin the air and passing a time, thinkin’ on things y’know? Watching a crow eat roadkill. That bit wasn’t quite so ‘at one with the world’ if you see what I say. Man, I’m so unhealthy, maybes it’ll do me some good too. Anyways I came by this place, kinda grocery/corner store place, like you’d buy milk and bread or beers or whatever. By the station, It ain’t that far to be honest but I never go by that way as a rule. With the sun shinin’ down on it, they had a bunch of tables outside and theys selling these great slices of watermelon, look at them suckers there! This old indian  comes up to me, says I’m a lucky man and damn if he don’t hustle me out of a slice of melon and a beer with some folded up piece of paper he gives me and getting me to guess a number and talking a hunnerd mile an hour. So anyways I joined a bunch of old fellers there, turns out he was getting everyone what come past and theys just laughin’ at me as the newest victim. Well, I sat getting melon juice just about all over me and suckin’ down a few of them ice cold budweisers with it. Yeh, ‘king of beers’ my ass – but on a hot day it ain’t all bad. We’s watchin’ him and tryna work out how he does it and I don’t think we did in the end, everybody’s thinkin’ was getting a lil’ cloudy as the day drew on. That indian had some stamina I’ll say that, but even he started to fade in the sun. When he couldn’t remember his hustle right no more he sat himself down. Thought maybe we could get the secret out of him then for another beer but he shut up like Fort Knox and sat there all mysterious like. Mighty fine way to pass an afternoon I can tell you. So here’s a real odd song that I thought about talkin’ to this one old feller there who used to do the beer deliveries….. It’s ’bout a kid whose Dad sold watermelons and had some real irregular work practices – enjoy!

Dick Curless – Watermelon Man

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 6, 2011.

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