Where Y’at?

Hey now. I knows we been a little quiet here the past week or so. Ain’t no worry now, we still gots love and stuff to bring you people. Got a rockin’ new mix that I’ll get up here for your weekend enjoyment and that has kinda forced my hand to roll up all these post-Gumbo mix bits an bobs I thought o’ doing. Now, seems like if you’re gonna make a mix of New Orleans tunes these days there’s something you just can’t avoid, and that’s the Treme

The TV show that finally got it right. Mostly. It’s packed to the gills with the music too. Y’all should watch it. I ain’t really the one to go on about it myself, Randy probably tell you more interesting stuff. One thing is, everyone seems to hate Davis Macalary (Steve Zahn). This is kinda because he’s an annoying guy but also ‘cos he’s used a lot to illuminate stuff for the audience. Whatever, I ain’t really intendin’ to talk about the show right here. It took me about half hour to remember there was a real DJ Davis on WWOZ back in the day. In fact I’m sure he’s in Vaughan’s in the first episode.  A little research reveals that he indeed the basis for the character, and an advisor to the show, and ain’t exactly been secretive or shy about it all. So maybe this ain’t the big ol’ suprise I thought when it first occured to me. There he is on the right, rockin’ a dubious shirt that Randy would probably wear.


Still surprise or not, who else is bringing you his music? Davis used to do a great show called brass band jam when he was a radio DJ. I loved that show. He got kicked off OZ for playing rap, I think. He also put together and fronted a band called All That. They were a kinda funk/brass band type deal with ambitions beyond their ability. Like his TV self Davis was kind of an evangelically enthusiastic idiot, although less annoying. With some years perspective on it, All That were a bold and magnificent failure. Don’t get me wrong here, I  loved ’em and the tunes here are better than just curiosity pieces, but it seemed he/they saw a better, bolder, brighter version of the band that never quite did come about. Davis’ white boy rapping never got a whole lot better for one thing and he was a good keyboardist in a town used to genius. They could be shambolic live, but also incredible on their night. These two tunes is off their first album, sadly not called ‘A Bag O’ Potato Chips’ but ‘Eponymous Debut’. Yeh, really.  They did a reunion show earlier in the year, but he does his own thing these days and may actually slowly be turning into the guy he always wanted to be. ‘Roll With It’ is probably the best tune off that record and ‘All That’ is kinda the story and idea of the band, check it out friends.

All That – Roll With It, We’re Ready

All That – All That

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 18, 2011.

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