More Sweethearts

There’s this real nice guy called Pete. Pete says nice things about Earl and me. That’s not why we think he’s a nice guy, but it sure helps. Anyhow, he reminded me that I was going to do another Sweethearts of the Rodeo mix like the one I made for y’all back in the darkest days of December last year. My original plan was go to back to the motherlode – Kitty, Dolly, Tammy, Bobbie (what’s with that?) – but I ain’t ready for that one yet. So instead, think of this one more as a kind of companion to the first one. Perhaps it’s a bit broader – spills into stuff that ain’t strictly country but still has that feel.. Make no apologies for including a couple of songs by people that were on the first mix, they deserve your attention. Don’t even make apologies for including a couple of songs that have been on other mixes. They just fit right.

Oh yeh, there’s a song by Morton Valence on there, from their new album. It’s out this week, and me and Earl love the hell out of it, even though we’re not sure about the cover (seems like a cover with a rebel flag on it might get some of the Camden County crazies a little excited).
Go visit their website here and buy the album and stuff.


Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Volume 2

(78mins, 143mb, 256kbps)

01. Melissa Swingle – Amazing Grace (00.00)
02. Maggie Bjorklund – Summer Romance (01.45)
03. Morton Valence – These Are The Things I Was Thinking (06.00)
04. Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes (09.45)
05. Laura Gibson – Funeral Song (13.30)
06. Jessica Lea Mayfield – Blue Skies Again (17.15)
07. Abigail Washburn – Last Train (21.00)
08. A Camp – Bluest Eyes In Texas (24.45)
09. Frazey Ford – One More Cup Of Coffee (29.30)
10. The Living Sisters – Hold Back (33.30)
11. Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat (36.15)
12. Puerto Muerto – Ghostee (40.45)
13. Cat Power – Lived In Bars (43.00)
14. The Loose Salute – Turn The Radio Up (46.30)
15. Baskery – Out Of Towner (49.45)
16. Hurray For The Riff Raff – Young Blood Blues (52.15)
17. Mary Gauthier – I Drink (58.30)
18. Eilen Jewell – No Place To Go (63.00)
19. Iris Dement – Wasteland Of The Free (66.30)
20. The Duke & The King – No Easy Way Out (71.45)
21. Redlands Palomino Co. – Pony Song (74.30)

~ by stagger lee on May 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “More Sweethearts”

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  2. Aw, cheers mate 🙂

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