Glastonbury and such

Well friends, been busy lately here, Randy’s spoilin’ y’all with a  bunch o’ mixes. you know what they says ’bout the devil and idle hands an all. So just to let you know, if’n it makes any kinda difference to you, that next month we’ll be bringing The Old Record Club back to the monster that is Glastonbury festival. We’ll be on around sunday lunch time in the refined surroundings of the spiegel tent bringing you and assorted mudspattered long-hairs some hangover soothing sounds and a dash of rousing gospel I expect. That’s our main gig – but we’ll pop up in there a couple other times I think and up at Shangri- La on saturday night maybes. Randy tells me there’s some hyper tech type o’ deal that you can do with your phone so it’ll tell you what to do at the festival. I don’t like it, I don’t like the sound of it – but it’s there. You can put us in and then when it wakes you up sunday mornin you can go ‘screw that’ and go back to sleep, while we wipe our bleary eyes and stagger on to do the Lord’s work.

We’s also bringin all kindsa things down to the Wig-on casino for Endorse it! but I believe we mentioned that already and we’ll have a bunch more to say in good time. Sort your tents out friends.

damn hippies

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 28, 2011.

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