Touch ‘Em With Love

When I first posted this mix about four years ago I was convinced I’d found all the good country soul there was to find and went to some lengths saying so. Turns out  I was wrong and if I was making this mix today it would be a lot longer and a lot better. Maybe it’s time for a second instalment?

Anyway, here’s my wrongheadedness from back then to remind you of what an asshat I am.

I like to think I really immerse myself in the music I enjoy, really explore it, especially before I make a mix. This time out, that’s not so true. I LOVE country soul when it’s good (like early Tortoise and breakcore, it feels like something I almost wished into being). But I have a strong feeling there’s not that much of it that is very good.

Bobbie Gentry, Tony Joe White and Jim Ford are pretty untouchable, Joe South, Elvis and Sandra Rhodes made some great tunes in the style (which is a mother to pin down, if I’m honest), but after that it already starts getting patchy. The two Country Got Soul compilations on Casual a few years back made me feel like a whole new world of wonder was opening to me, but now I’m not so sure. Rather than dipping a toe in the water, maybe they pretty much had it sewn up. The recent Delta Swamp Rock compilation on Soul Jazz tackled a similar area from a different angle and was mostly disappointing (as with the Country Got Soul comps, Gentry and White dominated). So this mix – which I honestly think contains 80 minutes of fantastic music – doesn’t contain that many surprises or rarities. But maybe that doesn’t matter so much: if you already love this stuff, you won’t mind hearing these songs again; if you don’t, maybe you’ll absolutely fucking love it.

Stream Touch ‘Em With Love here

1. Joe South  – Walk A Mile In My Shoes
2. Bobbie Gentry – Mississippi Delta
3. James Brown – Three Hearts In A Tangle
4. Razzy – I Hate Hate
5. The Rockingbirds – Searching
6. Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie
7. Charlie Rich – Hey Good Looking
8. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Just Checked In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
9. Jim Ford – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
10. Clyde McPhatter – I’m Movin’ On
11. Elvis Presley – Burning Love
12. Dolly Parton – The Seeker
13. Clarence Carter – Patches
14. OC Smith – The Son Of Hickory Holler Tramp
15. Leon Russell – Out In The Woods
15. Jim Ford – Spoonful
16. Bobbie Gentry – Touch ‘Em With Love
17. Dan Penn – If Love Was Money
18. Link Wray – Be What You Want To
19. Sandra Rhodes – Whre’s Your Love Been?
20. The Geraldine Fibbers – Fancy
21. Tony Joe White – Rainy Night In Georgia

~ by stagger lee on June 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Touch ‘Em With Love”

  1. lovely! Thanks Lee.

  2. Gorgeous 🙂

  3. Listening to it now, nice mix, thanks!

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