American Trilogy

So it’s the 4th of July an’ all. There’s old Thom Jefferson on the $2 bill y’all. Guy with all the big ideas. And the slaves. Ain’t life just a bitch like that? Still some pretty good ideas he had, so good they been tryin to ignore or twist ’em for 200 years seems like. Let’s not get into that right now, seem like a day for a few all American tunes, I know we been quiet here awhile. So here’s The King giving it his all in Hawaii, Johnny an Waylon likewise are celebratin’ their southern roots. Randy an myself not being big on all the hullabaloo, Andre is our man. On this righteous tune from last year’s  record ‘That’s All I Need’ he takes down the type of  idiots who think anyone don’t fly the flag in the yard and get behind every wrong headed foreign adventure the US military gets in is somehow anti-american. Do y’all need me to point out that these same hypocritical  fools is engaged in an outbreak of childish petulance across the whole of the states, the like of which they would call for military intervention were it the other side getting up to such foolishness over their last president, an alcoholic chimp in a sears suit? No? I thought not. Now I gone spoiled things, soured the mood an such. I apologise.

Elvis – American Trilogy

Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings – American By Birth

Andre Williams – America

Yeah we got culture here, that’s right. This is Larry Rivers‘ version of ‘Washington Crossing The Delaware’ not the most famous version you usually see ( Leutz’s) but a breakthrough painting for Rivers’ as he sought to leave abstract expressionism behind and find his own voice on the way to the development of pop art. No, we didn’t pick Jasper John’s flags, that’s right, any fool can do that. We gots the culture and the refinement around here, hot damn!

~ by Mumblin' Earl on July 4, 2011.

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