Don’t you just hate them lil’ sumbitches? I do. That place I was sayin’ about a while back with all the watermelon an everything. I been back by there a time or two, other day bought me some o’ that fancy half baked italian bread. Oh yeah, I was livin’ large. Anyhow, this stuff comes in like a sealed bubble type thing, right? And you put it in the oven a short spell and it’s supposed to be like you just baked it yerself ain’t she? What a crock! Thing is, there was lil’ roaches in there. Inside the damn air bubble package, I swear. Now, how can such a thing be? I checked it, that thing was sealed up tight. I kinda held it against the store but they been in there since the factory I reckon. Gots to be. Eggs in the dough. Damn, that’s disgusting. I’m only buying bread that’s done baked from now on.

Place not far from here you can bet on roaches in races. What kinda moron does it take to do that you think? One time we had the roaches comin’ over ‘cos our neighbour was a lowdown scumbag and me an Randy got one them big guys. King Roach. We put him on a pin and stood him up in the kitchen, then we burnt that lil’ bastard. Hell yeah, a warning to all his other kin to keep out.

You think that worked? Here’s some amped up, boot stompin’ rock ‘n’ roll y’all

Big Damn Roach! – Thee Immortal Lee County Killers

~ by Mumblin' Earl on July 6, 2011.

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