Endorse it ness

trouble at the Old Record Club camp last year, l-r Brandy, Pearl, a shame-faced Randy, officers, miss Sparklefish (in bus) and a concerned Earl

Well friends we’re as ready as we’re gonna get to roll, so we look forward to seein’ a bunch of y’all down there with yer grinning faces and whatnot. I hear a book is already runnin on how long it’ll take Randy to make a damn fool of hisself this year and add to his long and sorry collection of festival degradation stories. Some are even saying he won’t see out today. I think that’s a little harsh on my good brother but we’ll see, here’s a pic from last year’s ‘incident’ about which the less said the better – but he blamed it on some damn fool setting off a smoke bomb or something of that nature. At least it wasn’t toilet related for a change is all I’m sayin’.

I had mighty good intentions of writin’ a bunch here in the run up but things have been a lil’ busy is all so, maybe afterwards we’ll get to that. I was talking to our friend Jimberley about these guys from Memphis the other day, on account I thought he would like them. He does as it goes, and I think y’all would too. So here’s some rockin’ surf/drag racing, twang business to get you in the mood from the mighty IMPALA

wild night at the bloody bucket                                         


jet action brunette

~ by Mumblin' Earl on August 11, 2011.

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