Get Right With God – Sacred Steel

Well, Hallelujah brothers and sisters, last week we didn’t get around to prayin and singin with y’all and this week when you know we ain’t around but down in the dirt preachin’ the truth of rock ‘n’ soul here we are. The lord, or maybees the innernets, work in  mysterious ways that ain’t for us to see. This is some incredible stuff right here, I was always thinkin’ these were old recordings from a while back ‘cos I got ’em with a bunch of old stuff on an Arhoolie records collection. But it ain’t so, no sir! Aubrey Ghent is alive, not all that advanced in years and preachin anna playin’ most sundays I believe. He’s carryin a family tradition in his style of playin that goes back a couple generations but for most of you this is gonna be a lil’ different. Brother Aubrey plays ‘sacred steel’ which with him is fierce stingin’ lap steel on gospel music and it rocks hard I tell you, boy I wish we done had a band like this when Randy an me was kids in church.  Dig it brethren.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee


Praise Music

~ by Mumblin' Earl on August 14, 2011.

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