Get Right With God – Noah Found Grace

Now then, here’s something just a little different for y’all this week brothers and sisters, couple tunes from an album called ‘Noah Found Grace’. This here is gospel music from Jamaica in the 60’s and 70’s. Now some of you may be thinkin’ to yo’selves “it’s reggae then” but you’d be wrong ’bout that there. There’s no Jah Rastafari type business, and it’s not really the choirs or quartets of American gopsel that y’all are familiar with neither. There’s a little of both, and some country and folk and all kinds in there too. There’s minimal musical accompaniment, some sweet voices and a kind of gentle joy in it all. Y’all see what I say now, there ain’t no fire and brimstone here, these folk will lift your day.

Otis Wright  –  It’s Soon Be Done

Alton & Otis  –  The Comforter Has Come

~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 11, 2011.

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