Welcome to Jonestown

We-ell now. This past couple months or so it would seem The Jim Jones Revue have gone up considerably in our estimation ’round here at The Old Record Club. Now, we deal in old school here, an we ain’t ashamed neither – but theys about the most cliche band ever walked out on a stage. I swear, they got no songs, none. And no original ideas neither. This plain home truth had rather coloured my opinion to say the least. Not that I didn’t think they weren’t any good, it just seemed kinda limited. The thing is…right now, they might be about the best live band you could go see, all the hype is true, they are the sonics channelling Little Richard and Jerry Lee and they are completely, ridiculously, fantastic.The idea of ’em progressin’ in any kind of way is as stupid as AC/DC or The Ramones changing what they do, this is high voltage garage rock ‘n’ roll, 50’s style. This Rev Jim Jones is a true believer in the healing power of rock ‘n roll and he looks to have never doubted. Hell, they even called the singles collection ‘Here To Save Your Soul. They seem to be on a never ending tour/mission from God and what I’m saying to you here is – don’t miss ’em. As a taster here’s the title track off the album and a version of the King’s ‘Big Hunk O’ Love’ off a b-side – storming.



and here they go doing ‘high horse’ on Letterman the other night, hunh! hot dang!

~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 13, 2011.

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