Sharp Dressed Hickeys

Earl and I, we’re always dressed to impress. I might have a splash o’BBQ sauce on my plaid shirt and Earl’s usually got some pinhole burns in his Levis from smokin’ damned dope, but we try, my brother and I.

Which is why we were happy to see this new arrival on the New York – London – Paris – Munich – Deptford fashion scene, Rockin’ Johnny and his selection of damn fine teeshirts featuring a whole host of Old Record Club heroes.

I mean, lookee –


To be honest with you, I’ve kinda got to hoping Mr Rockin’ Johnnywill be so pleased with this here endorsement he’ll feel obliged to send a sample my way (Sister Rosetta Tharpe, XL, black, thanking you sir).


~ by stagger lee on September 14, 2011.

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