Further Endorsements

The Skimmety Hitchers - badgers, cider. cider, badgers

Well now friends, a fine time was had by all down at Endorse It, In Dorset last month and as you’ll have maybe noticed some kind of report back has been notably absent. Tell the truth, it’s a bit of a blur. For those of you a -wondrin’ Randy hit his festival low point dropping his fancy dan phone down the toilet. Darn fool went to the trouble of rescuing it too and cleaning all the, er, dirt off of it only to find it still didn’t work. Then he got in a panic about losing all his rings but they was just where he’d left them. He was a little ‘confused and emotional’ as you might say and, as I’d feared, his trouble was again toilet related. I just don’t know what it is with him. Those of you been enjoying your peace this past month should be warned he’s finally got a replacement fer it. Still, I should allow that his distress over his haircut and being passed out on the ground outside when the promoter came lookin for us were other top achievements. For my part, I kept away from the speaker stacks this year.

Rockin' Randy Hickey

After two days feeling exhausted and confused me an Randy only really got into the swing of it for Sunday. Still, all our DJ’s were great, exceptin’ Seasick Spud who was a shambles asking “how do you make the record go round?” Hell’s teeth, he made us look like a slick and professional team. Here’s a picture or two from the event. I ain’t sure as I can get into a whole bunch of reviewing stuff here but from my seat most of the tired old punk bands shamed themselves by being just that. The exception being The Rezillos who sounded great and still look good, especially Fay. Zodiac Mindwarp however didn’t even seem to be trying, slipping into becoming the kind of sleazy moron he’d always kinda parodied. Before him, old festival standbys The Alabamy 3 were predictably great, a giant moon risin’ behind the stage as they played. Larry even dropped by later, enthused about the mighty Twisted Kitten’s set and told me a whole bunch o’ nonsense about how he remembered Randy when he was just a fresh-faced, enthusiastic youth. I can’t say as I remember that phase myself.

The Curst Sons - ain't done it themselves, but they seen it done

As usual most of the best stuff was away from the bigger names, a couple of Endorse It regulars were among the best things for me. The Skimmety Hitchers up at the top there are two of the fellers used to be Who’s Afeared. They’re very much in the same vein but probably better having added an accordian and even some of there own songs. They totally rocked it with a bunch of foolishness about cider, and badgers of course. Meanwhile The Curst Sons were fantastic both times they played, and again I do believe they’ve got better too. They got a shakin’ stick and washboards an all kinds old time home made percussion and you know we love that around these parts. They and we’ll be back next year and do it all over. Here’s a couple tunes I missed, either ‘cos I weren’t there or maybe they didn’t play ’em. Mind you the Vibrators probably would’ve gone an ruined it anyway with a bunch of ugly soloing and extended endings. A little off the old record club path today – what we got here is some of that punk rock fer ya. We partial to a little bit o’ that now and again maybe you are too, and let’s face it – these is old records.

the vibrators – london girls

the rezillos – destination venus

~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Further Endorsements”

  1. You cheeky monkey you…was the darn turny thing gettin caught in me beard that was the trouble…..

  2. I thought Zodiac Mindwarp were great. And I agree about the Rezillos.

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