Barrellin’ Down The Boulevard

Well, seems Ol’ Randy got hisself all fired up there on account of Tom’s new number. Fine thing it is too. Ain’t no mistakin’ that but a couple o’ sentences and a youtube clip that ain’t even a clip but a bunch of stills? Well we know you expect more from us than that friends and so this week, let’s make it Tom week here at the Old Record Club. Hell yeah! You gotta love Tom right? Don’t need us telling you ’bout that. I mean Tom Waits was born like a hundred years ago in a battered hat and muddy boots with a cigarette between his teeth. He sucked up the whole history of american music and started just rebuilding it out in his own backyard there makin’ his own instruments outta stuff he found in dumpsters, the crazy sumbitch. He’s about created his own genre somehow, can y’all think of anyone else who is so traditional and so avant garde at the same damn time? Tom is a vision of what music could be if so many songwriters weren’t so damn lazy is what he is.

Here we gonna roll right on back to his early days and his first flirtin with putting that crazy beat poetry in his thing daddio are you hep? 1974 Me an is still in short trousers and Tom’s just been out on tour supporting Frank Zappa, he’s recorded but not yet released his second album, the title track off which is the real gem here. Now, this here’s a late night intimate radio type deal (on KPFK in Los Angeles) with Tom by himself playin’ some tunes and a real ‘tired’ sounding host askin’ him a few questions about ’em. Tom had a lot less gravel in his voice back then, but check the interview segments too there’s a cool bit on National city and he talks ’bout how he digs Kerouac and Bukowski and a bunch of other stuff.

interview – You’re working on your second album….

Ghost Of Saturday Night

The Heart Of Saturday Night

interview – that’s such a fine song…

Diamonds on My Windshield

interview – that’s great…

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 5, 2011.

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