Everybody Loves Tom

‘cept maybe Iggy. And the guy who picks the tunes in the jukebox at this diner here. Still a man can’t go about writing songs as good as Tom does without a bunch of other folk wantin’ to get in on the action. So today we gots a whole bunch of covers of his songs for you to chew over with yer coffee and cigarettes. Gettin’ a little late for coffee now though and you know as how you should quit smokin’ too.

Now there ain’t no short supply of  these but I gots to say the bad outnumbers the good, plain don’t suit most folks to try and be Tom, much better if they try do their own thing with his songs if’n you ask me. Still, we got good to spare. I left out Screamin’ Jay’s take on Heartattack and Vine ‘cos it’s such an old record club favourite it must o’ popped up on a least a couple the mixes already. So watcha got in the box? Friends, I always did like Jonathon Richman’s version of ‘Saturday Night’ he kinda makes it his own with just the lightest of touches, makes it look real easy. Meantime, Andre Williams is the kinda guy who could walk straight out of one the songs anyhow, its like it was written for him. Cat Power? Well, y’know she half way made her career out of the singin of other people’s songs, although she writes a fair one herself, once again she makes it all her own. The Low Anthem rattle through Home I’ll Never Be with a lung full of smoke and a bunch of railyard percussion. Now, Frank Black bookended his ‘Black Letter Days’ record with The Black Rider, I think there was a strong black thing goin’ on. Coffee I hope. This is the more laid back version that ends the album and it does have a slight kinda end credits to a tv show vibe to it – Mr. Black’s wardrobe by Xtabay 3000 and so on. Maybe that’s just me.

Seems like we should include These Immortal Souls seein’ as we started the week with Randy comparing Tom’s new single to The Birthday Party and it bein’ what Roland Howard did next and everthing. Now then, talkin’ of Randy I’d be risking his wrath and his scorn(he does better scorn than wrath) if I didn’t include Scarlett Johansson, she makes him get all weird and mystical and stuff. She made a whole album of Tom songs a year or two back and folk were bein’ pretty mean ahead of time about it. Well, against all logic it weren’t bad at all, no sir! her take on ‘New Orleans’, which I’ve put up here, is a truly lovely thing. It almost has me finding ‘something in my eye’ its so pretty. I reckon as you all need to agree that’s a fair old helpin right there and you’ll need some more coffee with it. For those of you unfamiliar or confused the pictures here are from Jim Jarmusch’s movie ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, it’s well worth your time if you ain’t seen it yet. Now Jarmusch has worked with Waits some and if you go HERE you can read the two of them talking all kinds of nonsense. If I were a lesser man, I might have just lifted some for on here especially the last one where the car catches fire during the interview but go suck it up friends, that’s right, Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club – giving y’all more.

Jonathon Richman – The Heart Of Saturday Night

Andre Williams – Pasties And A G-String

Cat Power – Yesterday Is Here

The Low Anthem – Home I’ll Never Be

Frank Black & The Catholics – The Black Rider

These Immortal Souls – You Can’t Unring A Bell

Scarlett Johansson – I Wish I Was In New Orleans

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 6, 2011.

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