Tom’s Theme Time Thoughts

We’ll take it a little easy here for the weekend friends, and if you ain’t diggin all the Tom Waits bidniss this week might I say,  1 – you are wrong and,  2 – irregular service will be resumed shortly so don’t get yer panties all in a wad over it. Those of you who got Tom’s last release ‘Glitter and Doom’ might’ve enjoyed the second disc of Tom talking rubbish an makin’ bad jokes as he wandered around the world on his first major tour for years. It’s kinda better than the music disc if you ask me, I ain’t hardly played that, reckon as I prefer the studio ones of them tunes myself. Well probably. You know how that wheezin’ old bag o’ bones Bobby Dylan has a radio show now and all? Each one on a particular topic? Well ol’ Tom seems to have spent a little time sendin’ Bob tapes of facts, or maybe lies – how can we tell? pertainin’ to the subject in hand. Here’s a few for yer…

    RX sign   Birds   Numbers   Body Parts   Jewish Curses

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 8, 2011.

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