Get Right – Brother Tom

Morning friends, Brother Tom is going to lead us in prayer today, he brought along some folks with him, lets make ’em all welcome here. Y’all know there ain’t much that Brother Tom ain’t dragged back there into his songwritin’ barn and gospel music is certainly in there. I’d say, right now, he’s probably most famous for ‘Way Down In The Hole’ a song packed with biblical imagery of the fight between good and evil. All this on account of some TV show. There’s been a different version of it used for the titles every season but we got another one for you today. Tom with The Kronos Quartet. Yeah, cultured, didn’t I tell you we got the cultural sophistication ’round here? yes sir! Now, them Blind Boys Of Alabama cut a great version of that but this morning we’ve got Tom singing some gospel with ’em and their version of his ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’.  Lastly we got Tom with Gavin Bryars bringin us back around to the classical thing there.

Way Down In the Hole – Tom Waits & the Kronos Quartet

Go Tell It On The Mountain – Tom Waits & The Blind Boys Of Alabama

Jesus Gonna Be Here – The Blind Boys Of Alabama 

I Know I’ve Been Changed – John Hammond w/ Tom Waits

Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Tom Waits & Gavin Bryars Ensemble

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 9, 2011.

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