The Crystal Frontier

Years ago – back in 2000, in fact, in the summer – City Slang Records put on a whole bunch of 10 year anniversary shows in London, with really special bills. Like, one night I got to see The Flaming Lips supported by Built To Spill. But even better, on the very next night I saw Freakwater, Lambchop and Calexico all together. Hell of a line-up.

To be honest, it was around when Lambchop was setting about disappearing up their own fundamental with all that ’23 musicians hardly playing nuthin’ nonsense like on Nixon. But Freakwater were good as ever, and Calexico the best I ever saw them.

And Calexico showed this movie up at the back of the stage, some weird spaghetti western flick, only they showed it backwards and sped up. Worked a treat. Anyway, I always had it figured as one of those Django movies, but was never sure. So today, on a whim, I emailed their office over there in Tucson to ask. And they got right back to me and I really should have known…



~ by stagger lee on October 20, 2011.

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