In Praise Of The Storyteller

Now it’s not any kind of surprise that me and my brother Earl love country music. But even so, there’s some kindsa country that you might call beyond the pale. Especially all that shiny stadium country pop that litters up the local radio here in Camden County and is full of songs about good ole boys coming home from Eye-rack and that sorta thing. There’s also that kinda slick, homely, sentimental 70s stuff, now that’s harder to figure. Because, you know, some of it is pretty great. It doesn’t sit well with a couple of hard rockin’, punk-as-all-hell guys like Earl and me, but there ya go. Which brings me to Tom T Hall – The Storyteller.

Good ol’Kentucky boy Tom has been writing and performing since the early 60s and he’s still doing it. He’s had something like 20 Number One hits in the country charts under his own name or recorded by others. Quite a songwriter. A lot of it really is sorta cheesy, but some of it is just great, great country storytelling, and you should check it out. I’d avoid the later stuff – he started writing hits for people like Alan Jackson and such. But man, some of the old stuff is really damn good. He just has a way with a lyric – stories, vignettes, characters…

Tom T Hall – That’s How I Got To Memphis
Tom T Hall – The Ballad Of 40 Dollars
Jeannie C Reilly – Harper Valley PTA

~ by stagger lee on October 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “In Praise Of The Storyteller”

  1. Not sure whether Little Lady Preacher falls under ‘sorta cheesy’ but I do love it… 🙂

    She was 19 years of age and was developed to a fault
    But I will admit she knew the Bible well
    A little white lace hanky marked the text that she would use
    She’d breathe into that microphone and send us all to hell

  2. […] I said just th’other day, country music is a tricky business. There’s the honest-to-goodness fantastic stuff – […]

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