Stagger Cast #29

Headlong into winter here in Camden County. This might warm you up some…

After last week’s spooky special, back to usual this week. Starting off on the good foot with some funk and soul, you also get some shitkicking country out of Kentucky and.. erm.. Cambridge, a couple of rocksteady gems, some tracks put together cos they all share a kind of high, keening, fragile sorta sound, and particularly downbeat last few minutes. There’s even a Latin track that breaks into a bit of hip hop, but I promise not to make a habit of it. You’ve seen them, the rappers, down the shopping centre…


mixed live at the House Of Stagger
01. Marsha Hunt – Hot Rod Poppa
02. Dr John – (Everybody Wanna Be Rich) Rite Away
03. Dusty Springfield – Bad Case Of The Blues
04. Ozomatli – Dos Cosas Ciertas
05. Mickey Champion – Bam A Lam
06. Inez Fox – Mockingbird
07. The Ettes – No Big Thing
08. The Mops – I’m Just A Mops
09. The Dirt Daubers – The Devil Gets His Due
10. Broken Family Band – Song Against Robots
11. Henry Thomas – The Fox & The Hounds
12. Donald Kachamba’s Kwela Band – Mapasa Jive
13. King Radio – Madame, Take Back Your Basket
14. The Slickers – Johnny Too Bad
15. The Paragons – Only A Smile
16. Holly Golightly – Spend My Money
17. Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O’ Lee Blues
18. Marc Mulcahy – Hey Self Defeater
18. Bonnie Prince Billy – New Tibet
19. Abigail Washburn – Bright Morning Stars

(as usual, the link to download the mix itself is right at the very bottom of the Podomatic page.
I’ve put the tracklisting in the file info this week and I’ll try to remember to always do that.

~ by stagger lee on November 2, 2011.

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