what’s that’cha eatin’ Earl?

It’s pumpkin pie friend. ELVIS pumpkin pie “You make her yerself?” I surely did, and not from no can neither! Used a actual pumpkin an everything yessir! Mighty fine pie – fit for a king heh. Here’s a picture I took of it ‘fore I ate it. The image of Elvis is done with a stencil and a cinnamon nutmeg mix ’bout halfways through baking it when it’s startin’ to set but not done and it just kinda burns right in there. Just when you though pumpkin pie couldn’t get no better right?

I know I’m late fer hallowe’en but Randy got up some spooky tunes for yer didn’t he? Y’all know the king would be lovin’ himself some pie, although his thoughts on pumpkin pie don’t seem to be recorded it is known he was big fan of the sweet potato pie which has  a similar kinda autumnal feel right? So anyways here’s a song about a thing we’ve all sorta pondered on from time to time, probably more kind of a pressing issue if you growed up in Memphis like Alex did. Right now it conjures up an image of lil’ Alex dressed up as Frankenstein or whatever, knocking on the doors of Graceland to trick or treat the King. That’d be pretty cool. I don’t think it ever happened though and that’s a shame. It shoulda so let’s start lyin’ about it people…

Alex Chilton – I Wish I Could Meet Elvis

it’s not off either of these records but the dusting and tarts in the titles seemed to go with pie. I reckon Alex loved him a piece of pie just like you an me. An Elvis

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 5, 2011.

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