Git Right – For It Was Not The Season For Figs

Mornin’ friends, I know we been a while, I know you all accept our apologies, but we have something special here today. It’s about time for some words from brother John R Cash. Now, some of y’all may recall earlier in the year we looked some at the strange visions of Ezekiel. About that time I was pondering how great it would be to hear Johnny Cash read out them words. Well that ain’t what we got but Ol’ Johnny recorded the whole of the New Testament and we’ll take a chapter from that today. Hereabouts it ain’t no mystery that real cowboys trust in Jesus, no indeed. This here is one of the more cowboy like episodes in the gospels – Jesus got swagger here folks, y’all can hear his spurs a-jinglin’ in the dust. First up he sends his guys into town to steal him a horse. Next morning he goes over to the fig tree, but there ain’t no figs. He curses that sucker to die, I know we all been there ain’t we brethren? Next up he goes on down to the temple and throws out the money lenders. This is about everyone’s favourite Jesus story these days and I though we’d pick that one on account of all the occupyin’ and 99 percentin’ going on here and abouts – ya’ll know Jesus, and Johnny, would be with the 99. Well, next day he comes over all mystical about havin’ faith to move mountains and rounds out the chapter telling authority to shove it basically. Takes Johnny about 4 mins to read all that and then he has a number about God being the greatest cowboy of ’em all which is light on the bible and heavy on the western style metaphor. And then he tipped his hat and rode off into the sunset…

Johnny Cash reads Mark Chapter 11

The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 6, 2011.

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