Staggerin’ Thru The Archives

Been meaning to do this for ages. Those Stagger Casts I’ve been making and sharing for a year or some now were getting deleted off that podomatic site to make room for new ones, and weren’t getting stored anywhere. So now I’ve made a kinda bank vault of them right here on this site, you can find them all here or from the link in the sidebar over there >>>

There’s tracklistings where I could find them, and right now about 30 hours of great music…

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing something similar over at my other site – not all the mixes are the kinda thing R&E fans would maybe be into, but there’s plenty of reggae and soul and country in amongst all the shouting and grinding noises.

There’s 50 mixes there already, so if you listen to all the stuff I’ve gone and posted, you need never listen to bad music again, I reckon.

~ by stagger lee on November 13, 2011.

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