You Havin’ Problems At Home Son?

It’s not any type of secret that we love  Singing Adams here at the Old Record Club. Almost more with each passing day, ok maybe not that much but we liked ‘Everybody Friends Now’ when we got it and repeated listening has only made us love it  more. Curious photo that but I do like it. Are they filmin’ one o’ those videos you think? Whatever, randy DJ-ed for ’em recently and we even subjected Steven to the indignity of a certain friend of ours and he survived that test, so we knows he’s good people. Earlier on in the year I bemoaned the lost-ness of Adams’ solo record ‘Problems’ by the strangely similar but differently named THE Singing Adams and was pleased about ’em playnig St. Thomas off it. Well now, seems they got to sortin things out and you can now listen to the whole thing and buy it right here friends. How’s that for living in the future, right? If’n you’re wanting a CD of it they on that too but y’all have to wait a while to get your greasy paws on one. Enjoy!

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 17, 2011.

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