You Look Like You Could Use A Drink

It’s Friday friends, start of another fine weekend, I was thinkin’ maybe we could kick this one off in style for a change, what d’you say? I mean getting cranked on a bunch of 40’s and dancin’ round the fire topless to Skynyrd and AC/DC has it’s place hereabouts but we got us a sophisticated side too. Yes Ma’am! ‘sides, it’s gettin’ cold out there now. Back in the summer time one of the best things about that there Endorse It festival, after our invention of The Ukele Subs, which we ain’t done a whole bunch o’ work on to be honest. Yeh, the thing was, me and Great Uncle Cheese the mountain man got Randy to shut his fool mouth and let us play a cocktail hour of tunes. It was righteous friends, I tell you, fair lifted that place up out of the mire for a lil’ while there. Randy ain’t down with this stuff see. Boy loves him a fancy-dan cocktail but he can’t carry that through musically. Still, since he run off up north with that dancin’ girl of his there’s been a bunch more sophistication and a lot less howlin’ at the moon ’round these parts. It’s high time I shared a mix on that tip with y’all. Dress up smart like, get yourself some liquor and some mixers and get down with the cocktail hour friends! Great Uncle Cheese plays under the nom de guerre DJ Badly and the boy is a whizz. I whizz I tells ya, I done put this thing together on my own but at least a couple o’ tunes are pinched off of him, so he’s here in spirit. Haah! I’m sorry. That Lee Hazlewood tune is an instrumental and best I can tell ain’t nuthin at all to do with the caped crusader so take it easy there. Those of y’all playing yer stupid face and shakin’ yer fat heads like Randy does at us are the most in need of this – take a chance. This here ain’t no string sickly Mantovani background blah, this is groovin’, it’s movin’ this stuff’ll have you shakin’ your tush up, down and all kindsa ways around. Now, who’s for a daiquiri?

The Cocktail Hour

harbour lights – martin denny  1  batman – lee hazlewood
forbidden island – the surfmen  2  schulmadchaen report themeGert Wilden  
house of bamboo – andy williams  3 a taste of bamboo – lalo schifrin
whatchamacallit – esquivel  4   mama inez – xavier cugat
java – al hirt  5   come together – mariachillout
busted – kai winding  6  jumpin’ jack flash – ananda shankar
surfin’ senorita – herb alpert  7  herbsplatte 69Valentin Mehlers 
walkin’ to mother’s – ray anthony  8   stars & rocketspeter thomas sound
spinning wheel – shirley bassey  9  mexican stand off babe ruth
invasion of the bee girls – charles bernstein 10 young scene – keith mansfield
let there be drums – sandy nelson  11  vixen & the constable – william loose
(sittin’ on) the dock of the bay – peggy lee  12   fancy dance – john barry
two-bit man child – hugo montenegro  13  ye ye – minimatic

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 18, 2011.

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