Git Right – Merle Haggard, T.V. Preacher

lookee here friends, Merle Haggards on the TV! That’s right, we’re a-sticking with the ornery ol’ fellers singin’ about the Lord in a cowboy kind of a way here this Sunday. Singin’ with his old friend Albert E. Brumley, ‘The Old Drover’s Prayer’ has got some of them sweet mariachi trumpets, a speaking part, and a tale of a cowboy sayin’ his prayers at the close of day. What more could you need? Elsewhere on that same record there’s a song about meetin’ his Mommy and Daddy up in heaven, how country y’all wanna get? We’ll spare you that one today friends, I just can’t bear it if you start with the weepin’. It makes my knees hurt more than prayer. Instead we got Merle running through a pretty nice version of Dolly’s ‘The Seeker’. Neither of these is what you’d really call gospel music, ain’t all that much church in either of ’em really, but they about faith and that’s plenty to think on for now.

Merle Haggard & Albert E. Brumley  –  The Old Drovers Prayer

Merle Haggard  –  The Seeker

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 20, 2011.

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