It’s Christmas at Jesus’ house

Oh yeah, him and his cousin Ernesto been puttin’ up ALL the lights on the roof down there, it’s gonna be a bumper show this year at the house of Gonzalez I tell’s ya. Now, when Jesus puts his lights up, it’s time to get out the christmas records and experiment with the unfamiliar alcohols. What is that blue stuff? is it just food colouring? Can you drink that on itself? So here it is, the most wunnerful time o’ the year, chestnuts roastin and all that type o’ deal right? Well now, if’n you ain’t in the mood yet, I’d say it’s about time you had a warming drink and GOT your sorry self a little bit in the mood. Randy reckons he has somethin’ or other under his belt for you for December, and it ain’t egg nog friends. I ain’t plannin’ on putting up a christmas mix this year, a few tunes here and there maybe, you’ll get by don’t worry. Meantime what we got here to tide you over and warm your hearth is a couple of previous festive selections from here at the old record club. Y’all should just be able to click right on the pictures to get ’em and they should come with the tracklist and everything. Free delivery! None of this ‘batteries not included’ type thing that used to spoil xmas so much. Yes! ‘Country Christmas’ is all country, all the different flavours of country. Y’know them cowboys, they love Santa too. He’s got a beard and he looks like a giant packet of Marlboro – that’s why. Other one here’s altogether more mixed up but it’s got a lot of Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll and such like on it and it’ll get you singin’ and a dancin’ in a holiday kinda way, before you even notice there’s someone watchin’ you from the door. Hate that. I mean, I hate that. I’m having a little whiskey, you should to. We can slide on through to 2012 in a warm fuzzy haze of blinking lights and sleigh bells. Get your tree up, be nice to your neighbour that’s,  that’s the thing right? Don’t. Don’t you lissen to my brother Randy,  he’s a scrooge………….

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “It’s Christmas at Jesus’ house”

  1. Any chance of a reup on the Country mix?

    Thank you.

  2. […] ain’t no quiz or nothin’. We knows it’s Christmastime when Jesus puts his decorations up and we there friends, we there. So today we gots some righteous, and some, frankly, less […]

  3. Thank you.. You can find my mixes here:

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