Get Right With God – The Star Carol

Well now, here’s ol’ “Tennessee” Ernie Ford singin’ some christmas tunes for you this sunday. He made his name and is best remembered for a bunch of up-tempo country-boogie tunes but also cut a whole stack of gospel and christmas numbers in his time. This here’s his first festive album, from 1958. It’s what’cha might call more serious in tone than say ‘kissin bug boogie’, here Ernie’s backed by organ, bells and choir and sings like he ain’t smilin’. Now, the whole thing taken in one go is a lil’ bit like drinking a whole pint of egg nog in front of the fire on top of an extra slice of christmas cake and drifting away into a warm sugary haze. Not all bad by any means but not a party starter. Twenty years ago Tennessee left a White house dinner with George Bush snr and collapsed at the airport with liver failure caused by his long-standing alcoholism, drifting away in a warm sugary haze. If you listen close, that’s what this album sounds like. Core american cold war values, the land of plenty, Norman Rockwell paintings and hypocrisy. But that ain’t all that christmassy now, forget I said that. Let’s say it aids the digestion. In honour of Jesus’ wonderful light show this year I’ve picked ‘Adeste Fideles’ which is also one of the more lively numbers and ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ number thirteen on your song sheet. Now, if you would all please stand…

Adeste Fideles

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 11, 2011.

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