Christmas Ventures

Well now friends, I may have given the impression just the other day that ol’ Hank Thompson was letting his ‘professionalism’ show a little much on his christmas record there. Well, I guess I should take that back some now. Least Hank wrote himself a bunch of new tunes for his record. Not that there ain’t originals here, no sir. But  ‘Scrooge’ could easily have been left off an unfinished ‘A Ventures Hallowe’en’ record and the two more familiar tunes here sound like strikingly familiar backing tracks with the lead melody recorded over the top. Rudolph’s good to me you know… Perhaps they was pioneers of the christmas mash up there, t’ain’t for me to say. Most likely I reckons they knocked this whole record out on a fine autmnal, californian afternoon without so much as a vision of a single sugar plum dancin’ in their collective head and got theyselves down to the beach. Or the bar or whatever. In fact, quite possibly just the one guy turned up and cut the lead lines over a bunch of stuff they’d already got done. Don’tcha go takin’ against it though, this is still some fine twangin’ seasonal business to wrap your presents to…

rudolph the red nosed reindeer


jingle bells

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 16, 2011.

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