Get Right – When Was Jesus Born?

Welcome again friends, cold out, set yourselves down. Comfortable? We’re in for a treat now because we don’t have just the one, we don’t have merely two, no children this morning we got three christmas blessings for you right here. That’s right, first up we got this fantastic, technicolor mexican nativity scene here. Ain’t she something? It’s like christmas in the merry old land of Oz. And you know that sounds like somewhere we all want to go. Well, almost all of us. Blessing number two we got is some proper old-timey gospel singin’ goodness, also, don’tca know it? on the matter of the baby Jesus’ birthday. Now, not only do The Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers have a great name, I mean say it with me…The Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers, ain’t that fun? Not only that but they apparently feature the talents of Frankie ‘Half-pint’ Jaxon and Punch Miller, who I gots to say sound more like a tag team of drunk wrestlers than star vocalists in a gospel choir. I reckon as me and Randy should adopt them as our new stage names when we go out next year, whatta ya say? Still, lest we was enjoying ourselves a little much with all this visual opulence and joyful singin’ we got ol’ Rev. J.M. Gates here to set us straight.  You may recall the Rev. was here last year. His sermon on spending christmas day in jail was such a suprise hit with y’all we just had to have him back. Today he brings the joy of the season once again for us with a wonder on whether santa be bringin’ you a big ol’ sack o’ death next week. That’s right, happy christmas.

Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers – Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn

Rev J.M. Gates – Death Might Be Your Santa Claus

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 18, 2011.

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