The Shivering Junkyard

So yeah, like I was sayin’…that mexican nativity looks like somewhere in Oz. Well, I was drinkin’ my own special recipe xmas eggnog (tequila and those cans of ready made custard you get at the store) and thought I might watch the Wizard of Oz, I mean it’s about the only good musical and may be the best christmas movie and it’s not even anything to do with christmas. That’s kind of a christmassy thing to do right? Well, I thought so and then I passed out on the couch there and had myself the strangest dream. Maybe not that strange really, fall asleep watchin’ The Wizard of Oz and dream about it ain’t so strange now I come to think of it. Still, it was like I walked into that mexican nativity scene from the other day then Wayne Coyne floated down out the sky in a bubble, he sang me a damn pink floyd song, felt like it was 24 hours long and made my head bleed, I wasn’t too pleased about that. Then he sent me off down the yellow-nog road. There was this cowardly lion who was sometimes Randy and the rest of the time James Hetfield. That was unsettling I can tell you, then there was the flying devil monkeys and John Sinclair dressed up as santa hiding behind a curtain waging war on the martians. There was Lady Gaga as the wicked witch and Greg Dulli as the tin man. That’s right. Now me and Randy used to just love the Afghan Whigs, I mean they were really something live. We saw the Twilight Singers this year and they were pretty good but, it wasn’t the same. As an early christmas  for us then, Greg and the boys have got the old band back together, possibly to pull a bank job on the side, and that makes us happy and it should do you too. Here’s a live version of  ‘If I Only Had A Heart’ from a good while back now…

The Afghan Whigs  –  If I Only Had A Heart (live Washington 06/12/96)

and as a lil’ bonus here’s that crazy Wayne Coyne guy doing the scarecrow’s part and Kermit Ruffins too. Kermit played on the first Twilight Singers record and is a beloved son of New Orleans where that great pic up top was taken after Katrina. He has form with The Wizard too having recorded ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ on his album ‘Hold On Tight’ years back now but this is from his latest ‘Happy Talk’ and he kinda moves oz down to the caribbean for it.

Flaming Lips  –  If I Only Had A Brain

Kermit Ruffins  –  If I Only Had A Brain

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 20, 2011.

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