Christmas Wrong

So playing that Ventures christmas record a bunch over the weekend took me back to some good times long years back, and a little nostalgia is a big part of christmas ain’t it? Back when me and Randy was just little guys the stereo we had in our house was this big old thing with kinda fake wood panelling effect on it, like a station wagon. The older readers will remember this but for the young ‘uns, back then a record player had four speeds – 16 and 78 as well as the 45 and 33 yer used to if you even know what a record player is these days. Anyways one year we decided that Ventures record was too sprightly for it’s own damn good, or we was just monkeying around, whatever we spent many long hours and a good few christmasses playing that thing at 16rpm and all manner of our parents records at the wrong speed. We got a lot more amusement out of it than you might expect. Maybe this explains why we love Earth so very much. Whatever, we had these singles in the house that came out every christmas that was s’posed to be lil’ girls singin/tellin’ a story. I can’t remember now if’n we worked out it was adult voices speeded up or we played ’em slow and decided that’s what it was. There was a bunch of this foolishness back then I guess, I mean the thing of writing overly sentimental songs from a young ‘uns point of view is pretty established in country music. But country music alone I think goes in for this and these were kind of a dumb extension of that whole thing. Anyways as a special christmas gift to you here’s two of ’em in all they scratchy slowed down 33rpm glory. They still short and it’s definitely adults check the singin’ part on Merry Christmas Elvis…

Little Cindy  –  Happy Birthday Jesus

Michele Cody  –  Merry Christmas Elvis

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 22, 2011.

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