Cigarettes & Coffee

Well now, I ain’t written much on the subject of my caffeine induced visions since last spring and there’s reasons for that, summer mostly. Still, when the leaves gathered at the corners and it started to glow golden in the afternoons, then it get too cold to sit about outdoors I wandered back on in. Just yesterday I was sippin’ a fine cup o’ joe and thinkin’ on this here song, and how Etta was reak sick an’ all. Then this very mornin’ I hears as she’s been released from the hospital to go on home. Well, that’s kind of good news, I guess. She just be going home to die now, Etta has leukemia, kidney problems and, probably nature’s cruellest trick, dementia.

We ain’t really here to dwell on the end of a life well lived though, if’n you don’t know her wonderful voice and great stuff on chess records then you could make your life a little better today just by finding out about that. This tune is a version of a Otis Redding number, one of two on her final album ‘The Dreamer’ – it’s great.

Etta James –  Cigarettes & Coffee



~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 6, 2012.

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