Happy Birthday Elvis!

It’s that day again friends, break out the peanut butter and banana sannitches. We love Elvis here, ain’t no secret about that! Join with us as we celebrate his birth with a day long Elvis-fest of music, movies and fatty fried foods. Keepers of the keys to the kingdom, RCA, for their part are repackaging yet more previously available material in the ‘legacy’ edition of ‘Elvis Country’. Like last year’s ‘Young Man With the Big Beat’ these things are nice if you gots spare cash and, at least they ain’t chucking it all out on super cheap reissues an such but hell, Elvis don’t need no more money do he? Whatever, ‘Elvis Country’ came out 40 years ago and here’s one o’ the extra tunes on the second disc you get now, it’s already familiar to you from various other packages no doubt. Elsewhere on the record Elvis claims to have been born 10,000 years ago which plainly ain’t the case. Still, it makes you think don’t it? Also today we got y’all a great live reading of Nick Cave’s ‘Tupelo’ which builds a near biblical myth from out of an old John Lee Hooker blues and the story of Elvis’ birth in a tiny Tupelo shack…

Elvis – Cindy, Cindy

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tupelo (live melbourne 2009)

~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 8, 2012.

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