Git Right – Git Weird

Welcome once again friends, this weekend we have a little something from the road less travelled as you might say. Y’all know how the good lord sure does work in some mysterious ways for one thing, and he inspires folk to all kinds of mysterious behavior for another. I ain’t talking about the plain non-sense and downright, mean-spirited hatred some folk will talk in his name here neither. No friends, today I’m a-talkin about the more idiosyncratic path a true believer might take when expressing their faith in the form of artistic endeavour. This ain’t exactly gospel music we got here today, it’s more like a cross between a carnival act and church service or somethin’. Ain’t no instrument too novel or dumb soundin’ to be pressed into service for the lord by the amazin’ Betts, so we gots four, count ’em! Four tunes here for y’all this morning to take in the breadth, and relative obscurity, of their acheivements. Have Mercy! Their version of old hymn ‘Rock Of Ages’ features some pretty lovely and laid back Hawaiian guitar stylings. It’s like something you might hear in a quiet undertakers office out in west texas or somewhere. In stark contrast, they lovely a clangy ringin’ bell and they come to the fore on the almost appropriately titled ‘Ring The Bells Of Heaven’. I gots to say though, that it don’t sound a whole bunch like heaven’s bells to me. I’m just sayin’ is all. Next up we got the musical marvel that is the singing saw on ‘Jesus Loves Me’ which has more of  an undertakers on mars vibe to it. Lastly the downright weirdest of the bunch ‘Grumblers’ is a light hearted tirade against complainers, particularly in church. Apparently grumbling’ll keep you out of heaven. So we all best look out now. Me an Randy we sure do love a grumble. Y’all ever wonder what would happen if Sesame St. got a religious-right wacko in to write the songs? Check it out friends.

Rock of Ages-The Lord Will Take Care Of You

Ring The Bells Of Heaven

Jesus Loves Me-Jewels


~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 29, 2012.

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