Hey, Neighbour

Sorry to those of y’all who made it all the way through the snow on sunday only to find the chapel closed here, but you shoulda been out throwin’ snowballs and makin’ snowmens and stuff. What-all is wrong with you people? So to make up for that, and inspired by an afternoon with the crayons stylin’ Lyle Lovett’s hair in excitin’ new types of ways ( check out that old pic down at the bottom there – the higher the hair the closer to God, right Lyle?) it seemed like it was time for a little Lyle. To be honest with y’all he just plain don’t feature enough around here. If, by some kinda obstinance or misfortune on your part, you only knows ’bout him ‘cos he was married to Julia Roberts and sung that Toy Story song you should check this stuff out. Now then, fitting to our purpose today here’s a song which is kinda gospel but not quite, and tells a pretty strange tale about that cold, flat boredom and hunger of sittin’ in church feelin’ like it ain’t never gonna end and just longin’ to get on home for that big ol’ sunday lunch. This is a live recording, actually from London in 1992 I’m pretty sure – although the files is labelled wrong, and after the tune Lyle has a few words to say. They lead into the following number so here’s that one for y’all as well. A just plain brilliant song which manages to make fun of country music cliches and yet breathe wonderful life into them at the same time. Man’s a genius y’know.

Church (live)

  She’s Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To (live)

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 8, 2012.

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