Get Hip, Daddio

Hey now, hey now, it’s about time we had us some jazz up in here at the old record club don’tcha think? Lord, I don’t even remember the last time we done that. Fetch me down my ol’ pork pie hat and lets saunter on into the weekend on a rolling gait, feelin’ as like we’s sharp an sophisticated despite it all. See, I say that now, but it just could be that this has something to do with a fat bratty lil’ redneck kid on a trashy TV show. Not that I would watch that kinda thing, I mostly watch the religious channels as y’all know, but he’s a-tearin’ up the youtube and the internet an what all. King Curtis they call him too. Now, personally I kinda flip flop on the whole thing of him being pretty funny and him needin’ a smack round his fat little mouth there. He’s like Bobby Hill come to life is what he is, only smarter. See, while Curtis and his family are a kinda caricature redneck family bein’ played for laughs by the TV folks they ain’t exactly keepin’ up they end of the deal. Like the Hills they live in a damn fine lookin’ great big house not a trailer or fallin’ down shack overrun by dogs, and little Curtis? He is as smart as a whip, man. He ain’t no dumb ass redneck can hardly form a sentence, even if he is eating his way to an early grave. Go on lil’ man. Speak your weird seven year old brains!

but back to the jazz man, back to the jazz. Like the gospel and country music we love here jazz is something folks will just flat tell you they don’t like. As if they was sayin’ “actually, I don’t care that much for bacon” like it was one flavour, one thing. Jazz and country and gospel, and for that matter most all types of music, are more in the order of an all you can eat for 9.99 buffet type deal. There’s a whole bunch of different stuff on offer there, and you may wanna take yourself some time to try out a few of ’em, fetch a clean plate. You see what I say? Who eats everything on the menu? Nobody! Am I right? Maybe lil’ King Curtis there, ‘though I bet he don’t go much on salad save as a kinda support for his blue cheese dressing. What I’m a say to you is you do like jazz, y’all just don’t know it yet.

Don’t go gettin’ all panicky on me now. I ain’t about to break out with no free jazz freak-out on you. We gonna ease ourselves in real gentle right now. This King Curtis, as you may have been thinkin’ to yourselves, was a rockin R&B type cat right? This is the ‘Memphis Soul Stew’ dude, there he is on the left with Miss Ree whose band, The Kingpins, he led for a good while. Now I been jawin’ on so it seems I should start an get to the point here but Curtis had a pretty interesting life with one thing and another, played with all kinds of folks as well as Aretha, wrote the original Soul Train theme (RIP Don Cornelius) and had hisself a pretty unusual death too. Seems he was carryin’ an AC unit back to his place in New York and came up on a couple of junkies on his step shootin’ up. Now you know he don’t like that, maybes he said “I quit jazz for R&B to get away from all that” maybe not. Things did not go well but apparently he pulled the knife out of his own chest and stabbed his assailant four times with it. Bad mother! (hush yo’ mouth) They ended up in the same hospital. Curtis died about an hour later, the other guy got arrested in hospital and sent to the big house. So anyways now here’s a couple  tunes from that record way up the top back there. Having started out in jazz but gone over to better selling sounds to make a livin’ Curtis got to make himself a proper jazz album in 1961. Nat Adderley (brother of Cannonball) features under the name little brother due to some contractual confusements at the time. This is lovely stuff, it’s pretty straight up but easily enjoyable and if’n you can’t get with this baby, I’ll get that fat lil’ King Curtis kid to eat my pork pie hat. With a bacon hatband.

Da Duh Dah           *         Little Brother Soul

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 9, 2012.

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