Sweetheart Of The Eskidance

I got this friend, Fancygrrl Adams (DOCTOR Fancyggrl Adams to you, although she was no help when I got my head stuck in the fence that one time so I’m not sure if she bought the whole doctor thing off the interweb, like how Earl is a realtor and stuff). Anyway, this Fancygrrl, she hangs around with all the kids from the wrong end of town, givin’ it ‘boom bap’ this and ‘braap’ that and ‘standard’ the other. But at heart she’s a country fan and she can’t deny it. Fact is, she’s decided to come to terms with it by posting some C&W mixes and they’re pretty damn good. Not as good as the ones me and Earl do, but still.. she’s a girl, y’see…

If you’ve a mind too, go here and you can hear her country mixes. If you’re in the mood – like, you’ve been huffing gasoline or want to impress the hoodrats outside the K-Mart, there’s all sorts of other stuff there too – y’know, the wob-wob-wob nonsense people pretend to be into. Skrillex, that sorta thing.

~ by stagger lee on March 15, 2012.

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