Well now, pondering Dr. John’s mangled finger on his left hand yesterday and that vague recent idea I was havin’ to put up a little more jazz brings us here friends. Django Reinhardt people, you gots to love this stuff. Gypsy jazz or Le Jazz Hot for you cheese eating, beret wearing, jazz monkeys. Like the Dr, a misfortune befell Django’s left hand one night following a gig. Seems he made it back to his trailer where he knocked over a candle and passed out to sleep. His neighbours got him out of there pretty quick but he was badly burnt up down the left side and lost the use of his ring and little fingers there. Where the Dr. chose to switch over to keyboards Django worked hard to learn to play again and ended up pretty much inventing a whole new way of playing. Impressive as his playing sounds he does all that with two fingers, using the ‘dead’ two only for some chords. Still, seems he was a difficult kinda guy and despite all the trouble he’d gone to to learn to play again and all he’d sometimes not bother to show for sold out gigs and stuff. People are sure strange sometimes, right? Anyways check it out friends…


Django Blues

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 22, 2012.

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