Git Right – Church Organ

Friends, you might have noticed we kinda gave up church for lent ’round here. Good for the soul, but we back. It’s palm sunday and here’s some fan-waving, righteous organ led jazz from the Rev. Jimmy Smith for y’all, you can go on and lay your own word over the top or just sit back and feel it wash over you. This is kinda like that time when Charlie Brown went down to The Sanctified Temple of God, if  y’ see what I say? Like as if Peanuts didn’t exist in the eternal sunshine of middle american childhood but was down in Harlem or Watts, like if ol’ man Schulz named that lil’ bird Wattstax instead o’ Woodstock right? Maybe if that Schroeder kid was diggin some Ellington or somethin’  instead of all that Beethoven. Not that we are in any way down on Vince Guaraldi here, no sir,  but Jimmy Smith is funkier and there ain’t no doubt ’bout that.

 Jimmy Smith – The Sermon!

play that funky music white boy

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 1, 2012.

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