Git Right – Sister Ella

Hey Lookit! Sister Ella got her big ol’ bonnet on for Easter Sunday! I ain’t so sure some of them older church ladies are gonna approve of that dress tho’ sister. Ella’s the Queen in the land where Sinatra is King, you know what I mean friends? Y’all recollect that sayin’ ‘It’s Frank’s world we just live in it’ right? Well, I ain’t too sure what the good Lord nor the church ladies would make o’ that neither but it’s just typical of a guy like Frank to think it’s all his when behind him Ella’s there just runnin’ the show. What would you call it that the two of ’em are doing there? Mainstream vocal jazz or sumthin’? that sure is ugly, I mean it’s jazz but not always. Great American singers – in that sense of them working through the ‘great American songbook’? Maybe. Between the two of ’em there’s a recorded history of whole bunch of American music, what I’m sayin’ here is, plainly, Ella is the better of the two. If you had to choose. Puttin’ that trouble makin’ aside for now we got us a couple of spirituals from Ella here this morning. In keeping with the day a version of ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, and ‘Brighten the Corner’.

The Old Rugged Cross

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 8, 2012.

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