Picking In The Tower

Now all y’all know how much we love the Black Twig Pickers here. How their blend of pure Appalachian mountain music is to a lot of the neo-hillbilly stuff as Passion Of The Christ is to John Wayne in The Greatest Story Ever Told drawling “he surely was the song of God”. They’ve worked with Jack Rose and Charlie Parr. They’ve got shadowy pasts in all sorts of high-falutin’ bands those folks at the Wire magazine probably get all het up over.

And they’re coming to the UK. Not sure if they’re playing anywhere near Brother Earl, and anyhow he can rarely get out from under that pile of bottles these days, sad to say. But they are playing Newcastle. In fact they’re playing Morden Tower, a legendary and mysterious bit of the old city walls (built, I believe, to keep out people from Gateshead). It’s tiny – like, 50 souls or so – so you probably don’t want to do too much hesitating or prevaricating or you’ll miss out. Local good ole boys Bob Stork & The Heaton Playboys are gonna be there too.

Here’s the link and here’s some pickin’ –

Charlie Parr & The Black Twig Pickers – They Whupped Him Up The Hill

~ by stagger lee on April 18, 2012.

One Response to “Picking In The Tower”

  1. […] The Black Twig Pickers came to Newcastle – the Morden Tower, to be precise. A small room in an ancient tower on the north-west edge of the old city walls. Up an alley behind all the restaurants in Chinatown, five spice for your nose and bluegrass for your ears. A review will make it on here once it’s been in Narc, but here’s some photos. Morden Tower […]

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